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53% organic traffic boost in 3 weeks

Webthrust is like Google Tag Manager for SEO

Webthrust is an SEO tool that allows you to quickly and easily optimize on-page SEO factors of your pages, independently of the platform you use. You just place a small snippet of JavaScript code on your website and from that moment your pages will be available in the app, ready for instant modification. No JavaScript, HTML, CSS or programming skills required.

This is a perfect solution for agencies, SEO specialists, and for those who want successfully, quickly and without fear optimize pages independently of the platform used. No more changes waiting in development queues!

You don't need to know or learn all CMS systems or technologies. Optimize multiple websites in one place, even if you have no programming skills. Save time!


Webthrust gives you the power to easily optimize on-page SEO factors of your pages and increase search visibility. Optimize meta titles, descriptions and canonical tags to earn higher rankings and get more organic traffic.


Duplicated or empty meta title and description tags are a missed opportunity for your pages in terms of search traffic. Using insights, quickly find empty and duplicated tags and fix them right away.


Optimizing websites with thousands of pages can be a real challenge. With Webthrust automation module, you can compose rules based on marked page attributes and apply it to all pages with just a few clicks. Optimize in scale and test what works!


Unique and engaging content is very powerful ranking and user experience factor. With the help of visual editor you can now conveniently add or edit content on any page you want. Your content is ready to be indexed by search bots and explored by users.

How to start and how it works ?

Create account and add your website
Implement JS snippet on your website
Optimize pages

In order for Webthrust to work properly, it is required to add small snippet of JavaScript code on your website (JS snippet), which is a bridge between your pages and Webthrust app. With JS snippet included, your pages will automatically show up in the app and from now on you can modify them without touching the source code.

You manage all optimizations from Webthrust app. Just find a page you want to optimize and apply modifications. JS snippet will apply all changes directly to your pages, so that they are visible for users and search bots.

Webthrust is a web based SEO tool, that allows you to modify pages without touching the source code. It is easy, fast and it works!

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