About Feba.pl

The Feba company is a manufacturer of high quality swimsuits and bathing suits, operating on the market for 20 years already. One of its most important sales channels is a web store built on top of the Shoper CMS platform.

Customer's goals


The company's goal was to improve their search engine visibility, so that their target customers could find the products offered on the website more easily. Because of the summer season approaching, actions had to be taken quickly and efficiently.


With the help of some SEO tools available on the market, it was possible to prepare a list of things to improve. But the biggest challenge was to apply recommended changes, as some of them required assistance of the IT department or software developers. Other changes were just impossible or too difficult to implement because of the limitations of the CMS used.


What is more, large amount of the changes proposed during the audit resulted in a decision paralysis. In other words, there was so much to do, that it was hard to choose where to start from. We decided to make things easier and just optimize a few key SEO aspects, such as meta descriptions, texts on the pages and tidying up duplicate pages.

Why Webthrust?

As it was necessary to act quickly and efficiently, we decided to use the Webthrust tool, which is somehow like Google Tag Manager dedicated to SEO. It gives the user the ability to optimize significant factors that influence organic traffic, without the need of making modifications to the source code of pages. This means that required changes can be implemented bypassing the CMS or involvement of the IT department or software developers.

Action plan

The strategy taken to improve the visibility was to increase organic traffic for the keywords that were already generating traffic, by improving their positions and increasing CTR factor. Additionally, in a long period of time, it was to increase the visibility of new keywords as well as long-tail keywords.

The whole optimization process took just few hours and all changes were implemented purely by Webthrust. Here is what we did:

  • optimized meta titles and descriptions on category pages
  • edited headings on category pages
  • added content on key pages
  • added canonical links on duplicate pages
  • automated meta titles creation on product pages
  • optimized anchor texts on key pages


The results were surprisingly fast with organic traffic boost visible right the next day after introducing modifications. We learned, that Google was not only able to index JavaScript made changes but was able to do it fast.

a graph showing the rise in traffic after optimizations were made to the website using Webthrust


organic traffic increase

  • number of unique search queries +30%
  • average session duration +45%
  • page views per session +39%
  • bounce rate -13%
  • sales amount +30%

Changes observed during 3 weeks following the first optimization (compared to previous year)


In cooperation with the customer and their agency it was possible to achieve established goals. New users are less likely to leave the website without any interaction, they browse more pages and spend more time on the website. This is what proves that the newly acquired traffic is of high quality.