Search appearance

Improve how users see your website in search engine results.

Webthrust gives you the power to easily optimize basic SEO componetnts of your pages and increase search visibility. Optimize meta titles, descriptions and canonical tags to earn higher positions and get more organic traffic.

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Meta tags insights

Easily find and fix SEO issues that keep your website low in rankings

Duplicated or empty meta title and description tags are missed opportunity for your pages, in terms of search traffic. Using insights, quickly find emtpy and duplicated tags and fix them right away.

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SEO Automation

Optimize meta titles for thousands of pages with few clicks

High-quality and unique meta titles are critical for your pages to indicate relevancy and encourage searches to click. However, it can be a real challenge for websites with thousands of pages. With webthrust automation module you can compose meta title rule based on marked page attributes and apply it to all pages with just few clicks.

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