Automatic meta titles

In the Automation tab you will find the Automatic meta titles tool, which is very helpful if you want to optimize meta title for hundreds, or even thousand of pages. Just configure optimal meta title pattern and apply it automatically to all pages* which you want to have their meta title optimized.

* Pages are added to Webthrust automatically based on a few rules, e.g. page views frequency or XML Sitemap presence.

When to use automatic meta titles tool?

The best use case for the tool are medium to big websites that contain a group of pages with stable and similar structure, e.g. product details pages for eCommerce website. Other use case is to add location, call to action or some other slogan to existing meta titles for all pages.

Context of use

How to use automatic meta titles tool?

Let's use product details page as an example. You provide the URL of the page and use attributes marker to mark product attributes on the page (A), which you will then use to compose meta title pattern. Usually you mark attributes like: product name, product code, product category, product manufacturer, etc. In the next step you compose meta title pattern using marked attributes, as well as some custom text (B). Webthrust will automatically detect all pages where the new meta title can be applied, and you will have to accept such pages manually or use the automatic acceptance mode (C). You can always revert your changes.

Process description

A. How to mark attributes

Marking attributes

B. How to compose meta title pattern

Composing pattern

C. How to apply changes

Applying changes