Webthrust JavaScript snippet code

When properly installed on a web page, this code allows the webthrust tools to perform their actions. When it is absent, webthrust will just not work. Hence, you have to ensure that this snippet code is present on all the pages that you wish to optimize.

Where to find it?

After creating an account and adding the website that you want to optimize, you will find the JavaScript snippet code in the Settings tab.

Webthrust JS snippet
Where do I find the webthrust JS snippet code?

What to do with the code?

You should paste the JS snippet code on every page that you want to optimize. Insert it without any modifications into the <head> section, so that it is present on all such pages.

Where do I paste the JS snippet code?
Insert the JS snippet code (marked with the green bar on the left) into the <head> section of a web page.

If you use a manager to maintain the code attached to web pages like the GoogleTag Manager or a different one, follow the steps described in its documentation.

After a successful installation of JS snippet code, the webthrust user interface informs you that you have added the code correctly and the registration of pages starts in the webthrust application. From now on, you can work directly on SEO and introduce your optimizations on available pages.