Pages insights

Webthrust helps you to quickly detect and analyze SEO issues your pages may experience*. But most importantly, it gives you the power to fix these issues, immediately.

In the Pages tab you will find the Insight filter, which you can use to find pages causing SEO issues or missing important attributes. Currently the list contains pages with duplicated meta titles, missing meta titles, duplicated or empty meta descriptions. You can quickly fix such pages by clicking EDIT button for each page you want to improve.

* Pages are added to Webthrust automatically based on a few rules, e.g. page views frequency or XML Sitemap presence.

You can use page status or insight filters:

Pages filters

You can use filters to quickly find pages that require your attention. Among the Insight filters you will find:

  • Empty meta titles filter
  • Empty meta descriptions filter
  • Duplicated meta titles filter
  • Duplicated meta descriptions filter

You can also use three types of list view mode: Compact mode to easily browse pages list, Standard mode to display meta description or SERP mode to get a feeling of how your pages are presented in Google search results.

SERP preview